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What is Balance with Babies all about?

Hello!  Thank you for visiting my blog! I've created Balance with Babies to share my ideas around my personal goals, give insight into how I plan to achieve my goals, and gain new perspectives from my readers.  Here's what Balance with Babies is all about...I'm about focusing on how the small things add up, figuring out ways to cut back on the small stuff so I can afford the big stuff.  I want to have some amazing experiences with my kids and show them the world but I'm not rich.  I'm using this blog to document my 15 year goals and my journey there.  

Here's those goals... 1) Pay off our home 2) Fund the kids' college funds up to $100,000 each 3) Travel to Europe 4) Travel to Ecuador 5) Go on tons of mini adventures (road rips and such) It's all about the BalanceBalance is a huge part of this blog because it is something I am always striving for.  The balance between work life and home life, balancing my budget, balance between saving and spending.  Although …