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Home Grown with Love

So, tomatoes are my thing.  No, really.  Like practically the only thing I grow.  There are many reason for that:1) First and definitely foremost, my family.  I grew up in a small apartment in Los Angeles.  I dreamed of playing in a yard, having a dog, and more importantly having a garden.  In the summer I would go back to New York and stay with my Italian grandmother for a week or so.  My grandmother was everything you would picture from a stereotypical, New York, Italian grandmother.  We had to eat and pretend we were enjoying every bite of our food, love each other, and help out in her garden.  She basically only grew tomato plants, and lots of them.  This was important to her because, during the depression era that was our family's way to survive.  Grow lots and lots of tomatoes, make sauce with them, and can it for the basement.  I loved being part of that.  So much so, that I even tried growing tomatoes when I got back to my apartment in boxes my mom got from selling Avon on…

Vacationing During Covid

When Covid was really getting intense in Colorado we thought all our vacation plans for the summer were gone.  We were able to cancel and get refunds for our well-intentioned spring break plans but held off canceling our June Moab trip.  While we are riding this unknown road we would go back and forth, Moab or no-Moab?  That was the question. Well after much thought and preparation we did it!  Now that we are back, we know that was the right choice for our family. These are the precautions we took and made the kids well aware of so that they knew what to expect.   No drinking and no stops along the way (unless it was an emergency)We wait in the car while the DH checks inNo taking the elevator, stairs only, and no using the handrailsSit on the couch once we get in our room while I sanitize everythingAvoid othersNo eating at restaurants, we ate food we brought in our roomWhile hiking make sure to stay away from others on the trailsNo sharing water toys in the poolWe were all so ready to h…

Balance with Babies Reboot Edition

So... I tried out this blogging thing and then life happened.  Kind of ironic since the whole theme of this blog is finding a "balance".  Here we are a year and a half later and not only do I have a new understanding of what "balance" means but that comes with grappling a new understanding of our world's "balance" or lack there of.
I keep coming back to the blog idea because I have found myself relying of my old tried and true favorite blogs.  I love the positivity they give me in a time when that's hard to find.  I love the regularity and predictability of reading other people's journeys.  So with that being said, I'm trying this again.
Post COVID objectives for this site is to share the ways I am finding balance within this ever-changing, increasingly stressful life.  Since COVID erupted I am discovering new ways to save money, finding creative and engaging moments to teach my own children, pursuing new revenue streams, and diligently look…