Balance with Babies Reboot Edition

So... I tried out this blogging thing and then life happened.  Kind of ironic since the whole theme of this blog is finding a "balance".  Here we are a year and a half later and not only do I have a new understanding of what "balance" means but that comes with grappling a new understanding of our world's "balance" or lack there of.

I keep coming back to the blog idea because I have found myself relying of my old tried and true favorite blogs.  I love the positivity they give me in a time when that's hard to find.  I love the regularity and predictability of reading other people's journeys.  So with that being said, I'm trying this again.

Post COVID objectives for this site is to share the ways I am finding balance within this ever-changing, increasingly stressful life.  Since COVID erupted I am discovering new ways to save money, finding creative and engaging moments to teach my own children, pursuing new revenue streams, and diligently looking for beauty at a new pace in life. Join me!


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