Vacationing During Covid

When Covid was really getting intense in Colorado we thought all our vacation plans for the summer were gone.  We were able to cancel and get refunds for our well-intentioned spring break plans but held off canceling our June Moab trip.  While we are riding this unknown road we would go back and forth, Moab or no-Moab?  That was the question. Well after much thought and preparation we did it!  Now that we are back, we know that was the right choice for our family.
These are the precautions we took and made the kids well aware of so that they knew what to expect.  
  • No drinking and no stops along the way (unless it was an emergency)
  • We wait in the car while the DH checks in
  • No taking the elevator, stairs only, and no using the handrails
  • Sit on the couch once we get in our room while I sanitize everything
  • Avoid others
  • No eating at restaurants, we ate food we brought in our room
  • While hiking make sure to stay away from others on the trails
  • No sharing water toys in the pool
We were all so ready to have some fun that I didn't hear even a peep of a complaint about these.  Not once.  We were all good and knew these the the non-negotiables in order to finally have some fun. Not only did the precautions stick and work but it helped us to save some money on our trip. Covid aside I was a little nervous to also spend the money on a vacation.  I'm not sure what the future holds for both my job and the DH's but saving money on food and fun definitely helped settle my nerves a bit.  The kids loved the hotel pool and the two national parks we hiked in were not only pretty much vacant but free!  I also love a hotel that provides breakfast.  

My DH and DD enjoying the views Canyonlands National Park has to offer.

More beautiful scenes from nature.  I can definitely feel the difference mother nature can make on my stress levels.
Added bonus to being home so much, discovering I love yoga videos on youtube! Still a work in progress.
My kids exploring Arches National Park.
Me and my boy.
I believe this plant is called Mormon Tea.
What's old, is new.
Deciding to go on vacation was a tough choice for us.  There is so much unknown out there, no one really knows what's going to happen. Making this choice was difficult but proved to be the right one for us and our family.


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